Feeling Yourself Disintegrate, Collage.

A combined show featuring the

Collage pieces of 

Chad Yenney


and the Ceramic 3D

computer generated pieces of

Craig van den Bosch

Now Through December 5th!

Gallery Hours:

M-Thurs; 9am to 1pm

(Scheduled school days)

and by appointment at


9th Street Parking for Sexton Hall Entrance

Robert Graves Gallery

Changing The Surburban Dream; Chad Yenney, Collage

Changing The Suburban Dream, Collage

Located On The Campus Of

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Opening reception is

Friday, November 1st

5:00 to 7:00 pm

Artists presentation is at 6:00 pm

Refreshments and light fare

Interested in showing your art at

The Robert Graves Gallery?

Please contact us at


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