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Dr Donald S Smith Collection

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Through the generosity of East Wenatchee Washington resident, Dr. Donald S Smith, and the assistance of his daughter and son-in-law, Rebecca and John Barrett, plus Board Member Robert Wilson, in 2017 the Gallery was pleased to accept a gift of the Dr Donald S Smith Collection; a permanent addition to the Gallery. Dr Smith spent a lifetime (at this printing he is 93 and going strong!) aquiring art he found exciting and unique. The Collection, permanently housed with the Gallery, includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics and wood carvings. Although some pieces are several hundred years old, a vast majority focuses on the mid-20th century locale of Laguna Beach, California and surrounds. 

The Dr Donald S Smith Collection Exhibition opened in November of 2017 with a visit from Dr Smith and his family. Please enjoy the video (left via YouTube) as he speaks about his Collection. It was a true pleasure of have him join us for the widely attended special event and our great pleasure to accept this Collection with heartfelt thanks.

Restoration efforts continue in order to preserve this amazing Collection. If you are interested in assisting with this process, please contact the Gallery at our email address;  Watch for special Gallery Exhibitions for many years to come!